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What Is Outpatient Treatment?

Person asking their therapist, "What is outpatient treatment?"

At Recover Colorado, our caring and compassionate team understands that overcoming substance use disorders (SUDs) is a unique journey for everyone. That’s why we offer diverse addiction treatment programs in Westminster, CO, tailored for individual needs—including inpatient and outpatient treatment. Our outpatient addiction treatment programs near Denver, Colorado, are designed for those who require flexibility while receiving high-quality care and support. Contact our team online or call 888.695.5407 to learn what outpatient vs. inpatient addiction treatment looks like and how getting professional help can be life-changing for you or your loved one.

What Is Outpatient Treatment for Addiction?

In the realm of addiction treatment and recovery, one size does not fit all. Each person’s experience with substance misuse is unique, shaped by factors such as personal history, the substances used, and co-occurring mental health conditions. This is why a range of treatment approaches exist, and include the following:

  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) – This structured program typically involves attending treatment for several hours a day, multiple days per week. It can serve as an initial step-down level of care after completing inpatient treatment or as standalone care for those who don’t require 24/7 medical supervision.
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) – PHPs provide more structure and support than intensive outpatient treatment, typically requiring daily attendance for several hours a day. PHPs aim to help individuals transition from inpatient treatment to their home environments while receiving intensive support.
  • Inpatient rehab – Inpatient treatment is usually the most intensive level of care, with individuals residing at a facility full-time and undergoing comprehensive therapy, medical maintenance, and support. It’s often recommended for those with severe addictions or co-occurring disorders that require round-the-clock monitoring.
  • Transitional living options – Some treatment facilities offer transitional living options, which provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to live while transitioning from inpatient care to independent living.

So, what is outpatient therapy? Outpatient addiction treatment programs offer a level of flexibility that other types of treatment do not. They allow for personalized care that addresses each individual’s specific needs, ultimately increasing the chances of long-term recovery.

How Does Outpatient Treatment Work?

Unlike residential treatment programs where individuals live on-site for a specific period, outpatient treatment allows individuals to live at home while attending therapy sessions at our center. This model offers the advantage of maintaining daily routines, work, and family commitments while receiving treatment.

Outpatient treatment incorporates various therapies and services. Our outpatient programs are flexible, with sessions scheduled throughout the week. This structure allows individuals to participate in their recovery without neglecting their personal, professional, or academic responsibilities.

Who Needs Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment benefits individuals with a strong support system at home and those who have completed an inpatient program but still need ongoing support. It’s also an excellent choice for those new to recovery who need to maintain their daily activities.

Benefits of Our Outpatient Treatment near Denver

Recover Colorado’s outpatient treatment near Denver provides the following:

  • Structured and individualized care
  • Flexibility to attend therapy sessions while maintaining daily commitments
  • A support system that includes professional therapists, peers, and community resources
  • Affordable treatment options

But what is outpatient rehab? The primary difference between outpatient and inpatient treatment is the level of intensity and structure provided. While outpatient treatment offers flexibility, inpatient treatment offers a more immersive and comprehensive approach. However, both types of treatment are effective for individuals on their path to recovery. Regardless of the kind of addiction and individual needs, seeking professional help is crucial in overcoming substance use disorders.

Enroll in Outpatient Treatment at Recover Colorado

Choosing the right treatment center is crucial when making a positive change in your life. Recover Colorado offers compassionate, evidence-based outpatient treatment that respects your unique journey while providing support at every step. Our dedicated team is ready to answer all your questions and guide you towards a healthier, substance-free future. Contact Recover Colorado online or call 888.695.5407 to learn how our outpatient treatment can provide the flexibility and support you need for a successful recovery.